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We are Michelle Huey and Chris Carnevalo, and we live in a small town (Blair) just outside of Omaha, NE. Currently we are owned by 11 Ibizan Hounds. (Big, Bear, He-man, Otis, Maestro, Quincy, Jen-Jen, Hannah, Freckles, Hatti, and,Lilly) and three Brussels Griffons (Griff-Man, Cinnamon, and JO-JO). We have been showing and raising Ibizan Hounds for the past 5 years. We are members in good standing with The Ibizan Hound Club of the United States (I.H.C.U.S) Last year (2001) we were lucky enough to finish the AKC Championship on 4 Ibizan hounds. Chris and I travel all over the Country showing our hounds, and we always look forward to meeting new people.

Michelle & Chris