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Songbird's Manheim Steamroller (Manny)

Born - 10/20/2001

Sire - CH. Wishsong Vizar Sennmutt (Bear)

                Dam - CH. Wishsong Ladyhawk Black-Chip (Hannah)

Manny is known as the couch potato.  He is the sweetest most friendly of them all!  He likes to sleep on his couch all day, but his idea of exercise is rolling over.  However,  on occasion he has to chase Ella off of his couch.  This little guy jumped out of the ex-pen at 8 weeks old to claim his couch and has not left since.  Manny has not taken control of the remote yet, but I won't be too surprised  when this occurs.  Miss Hannah still protects this little one.  God help anyone who try's to  pounce on her little baby boy.